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Full face helmet using carbon fibre with an internal sun visor and removable washable interior. The Shark Spartan helmet is classy and elegant. Each line of this helmet is assigned a precise function, and its location on the shell is determined to guarantee optimal aerodynamics. Refine your results. Refine Your Results The Shark Spartan GT Carbon is the new Sport Touring Helmet from Shark. It is a Full-Face Helmet and is the successor to the Shark Spartan Carbon full face helmet. While there are not very many differences between the Shark Spartan-GT Carbon and the Shark Spartan Carbon Shark Spartan Carbon Model: Shark Spartan Carbon. Nová generace carbonových přileb se sluneční clonou a nejnižší hmotností - 1290g!!(vel.M). Menší a kompaktnější tvar skořepiny umožnil snížit hmotnost přilby téměř na hodnotu závodního modelu Race-R PRO (hmotnost 1250g) SHARK SPARTAN GT, SPARTAN GT Carbon - čiré plexi. Náhradní plexi - čiré plexi s povrchovou úpravou AS - ochrana proti poškrábání a přípravou pro fólii Pinlock Pasuje pouze na přilby Shark Spartan GT a Spartan GT Carbon Plexi má evroou homologaci.

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Shark Spartan Carbon je vyrobena z uhlíkových vláken (karbonu) a aramidu. Karbon ji dodá pevnost, lehkost a odolnost. Karbon ji dodá pevnost, lehkost a odolnost. Aramid zase houževnatost a dynamickou pružnost You can find the Shark Spartan Carbon in our online store at: https://www.championhelmets.com/en/helmets/shark/spartan-carbon/ Product description Shark Spar.. Shark Spartan Carbon Replica Guintoli (Helmy na motorku) Hodnocení produktu: 0%. Shark Spartan Carbon Sportovní motocyklová přilba s integrovanou sluneční clonou Shark Spartan s optimalizovaným aerodynamickým tvarem pro vysoké rychlosti. Zadní extraktory.. Spartan GT Carbon, SPARTAN GT, SPARTAN/SPARTAN Carbon, SKWAL 2, D-SKWAL, RIDILL; DISCOVERY Division. EVO-ONE2, EVO-ONE ES, EVOJET; METRO Division. CITYCRUISER, X-DRAK, Limitovaná edice SHARK Race-R Pro. Limitovaná číslovaná edice RACE-R PRO v designu Zarco World Champion a Lorenzo White Shark Spartan GT Carbon lze přirovnat bez nadsázky k modelu Race-R Pro, který vyniká parametry bezpečnosti, ale vzhledem k absenci sluneční clony je určen především pro závodní účely. Spartan GT Carbon je stejně robustní, ale s integrovanou sluneční clonou. Ze závodního modelu je odvozen nový typ hledí, navíc s velmi jemným polohováním a aretací uprostřed hledí. 3D.

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Fancy pants graphics on the Shoei can add £100 to its price. The most expensive carbon Spartan GT comes in at £470. But there's a big difference, as we often point out, between price and value. The Shark is a cheaper helmet, but that does not necessarily mean that the Shoei doesn't offer better value Shark Spartan Helmet Review https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/shark-spartan-helmet?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Shark_Spartan..

Shark Spartan fibreglass and carbon SHARP 8.5m/s impact test results courtesy of sharp.dft.gov.uk. So if you like the look of a Spartan and want to max out on the protection, now you can go for either versions. But beyond the SHARP rating, there's a heap of other features that will - hopefully - help you along the way to a safer ride Shark is the competitive brand like AGV, HJC, ARAI etc. Dewan Motors Ltd is their sole distributor of Shark Helmet in Bangladesh. So you can buy parts and take services from their showroom. Shark Spartan GT Carbon is one of the premium carbon fiber helmet with DOT, ECE 22.05 dual certifications The Shark Spartan Carbon is a motorcycle helmet dedicated to sport and thrill lovers. With a weight of 1.290 kg, it is distinguished by its lightness, which is due to the design of its shell being entirely made of carbon fibre. This feature makes it an accessory that can be worn for a long time without feeling the weight THE SHARK SPARTAN PRIONA is a road oriented, stylish looking, lightweight helmet. Its shell has that added cool factor of an instantly recognizable carbon pattern. Features include a quick removal 'autoseal' visor locking system, adjustable chin guard and an 'easy fit' glasses channel

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Shark Spartan Helmet. Heavyweight helmets beware, your days are numbered. The Spartan is a lean fighter armed with a fiberglass shell and aggressive spoilers for stability at speed. While other helmets are stuck in the Bronze Age, Shark utilized Computational Fluid Dynamics to hone the Spartan into its chiseled form Shark Spartan Carbon 1.2 Priona. Shark Spartan Carbon Priona 1.2 je extra lehká přilba s příjemným interiérem a skvělými vlastnostmi při jízdě. materiál: carbon-kevlarová vlákna heldí: tloušťka 2,2 mm, nemlžící folie Pinlock.. SPARTAN/SPARTAN Carbon. Nová generace carbonové přilby se sluneční clonou a nejnižší hmotností - 1290g!!(vel.M). SHARK přilba SPARTAN Carbon1.2 Lorenzo Catalunya GP, DXR. Doprava zdarma Běžná cena 11 990 K č. Cena od 9 990 Kč. Tested: Shark Spartan helmet review By John Milbank bennetts_bike Consumer Editor of Bennetts BikeSocial, John's owned over 20 bikes, is a member of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators and part of the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Grou

Shark Spartan Carbon Silicium Yellow Anthracite Helmet $ 499.95 - $ 689.95 View. Shark Spartan Carbon Skin Black Helmet $ 649.96 View. Shark Spartan Carbon Skin Red Helmet $ 649.95 - $ 649.96 View. Shark Spartan Carbon Skin White Helmet $ 649.95. Shark Spartan GT Carbon Shestter DRA. Sportovně - cestovní motocyklová přilba s integrovanou sluneční clonou Shark Spartan GT Carbon s optimalizovaným aerodynamickým tvarem pro vysoké rychlosti, díky zadnímu CFD spoileru převzatému z nejvyšší řady přileb Race-R Pro GP Author: Ollie Rooke. What is it? SHARK Helmets' premium sports-touring helmet, the Spartan GT Carbon Price: £409.99 With over 30 years of expertise in the manufacture of motorcycle helmets, SHARK Helmets is a French brand known for producing high-quality products for motorcyclists. And from the moment you pick up the Spartan GT Carbon, SHARK's premium sports-touring helmet, all those. The Shark Spartan Carbon Skin helmet is a modern, fully-featured street riding helmet. If your regular days consist of a lot of riding on the streets, you will be extremely happy with this helmet. Check price here. More Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets Her

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Like the Race-R PRO, the Shark Spartan was developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The Shark designers have been developing the Spartan to offer all the functions a rider requires of a motorcycle helmet. Each part and each line of the helmet has been assigned a precise function and it's location on the shell is determined to guarantee optimal aerodynamics In case you're not familiar with Shark, they are not new to the motorcycle helmet scene. 2018 marked the 30th year since Shark Helmets was established by two brothers in the South of France. In fact, Shark was the first manufacturer to commercially produce a carbon fiber helmet with the XRC Carbon in 1991 SHARK. SHARK SPARTAN-CARBON Top Vent vorne schwarz SPARTAN/CARBON Top Vent vorne . 22,90 € Inkl. MwSt., zzgl.. Shark Spartan carbon Impact zones - high speed tests These graphics provide an indication of how this model of helmet performed at each of the five impact locations on the helmet during the 8.5 m/s linear impact tests against the flat anvil MCN Deputy Editor Richard Newland tested this Shark Spartan Carbon helmet (£389.99) over three months covering 3800 miles. Here are his thoughts... What's good? This new Spartan Carbon Silicium.

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Spartan Carbon Guintoli carbon/chrom/red. Sportovní motocyklová přilba s integrovanou sluneční clonou Shark SPARTAN CARBON. Specifikace: Materiál skořepiny: Carbon/Aramid; Dvě velikosti skořepiny (XS-L, L-XL) Optimalizovaný aerodynamický tvar skořepiny pro maximální výkon při vysokých rychlostec サイズ: s: m: l: xl: 商品コード: q1c-lik-y04-w99: q1c-lik-y04-m99: q1c-lik-y04-l99: q1c-lik-y04-x99: 本体税抜価格: 45,000 Nová konstrukce sportovně-cestovní GT přilby kombinací modelů Race-R Pro GP a Spartan GT Carbon vyniká komfortem, robustností a ovládacími prvky The exterior carbon fiber shell is the main selling point of the Spartan GT Carbon, combining light weight with solid protection. Shark says it uses multi-density EPS in the Spartan GT, although. VIEW 360º (SPARTAN Blank) NEW MODEL - 2020 Collection A racy and elegant helmet! SHARK Helmets SPARTAN 1.2 PRIONA is a classy and elegant full-face helmet with optimal aerodynamics. Entirely performance driven, the design of SPARTAN 1.2 PRIONA includes a double spoiler on the back of the shell. Like the SHARK Helmets RACE-R-PRO, and following the SPEED-R Series 2 the SHARK SPARTAN 1.2 PRIONA.


Spartan Carbon, zárt bukósisak, SHARK BUKÓSISAK, BUKÓSISAK, RUHÁZAT, MOTORRAD Suzuki és Ducati Motorkerékpár Márkakereskedés és Szervi Shark Spartan GT Carbon Skin Helmet. Cycle News Staff | October 27, 2020. The Shark GT Carbon Skin helmet has a brand-new fiber-composite shell that is made from a combination of fiber and carbon layers. The lightweight helmet weighs 1450 grams (size medium) and the faceshield can be locked to keep it closed when riding at speed The Spartan GT, a Shark fiber full face helmet, benefits from Shark's latest innovations and historical know-how. The combination of fiber and carbon layers, combined with multi-density EPS, offers maximum protection. The Spartan GT pushes the boundaries of safety and comfort to meet the expectations of the most demanding drivers SPARTAN 1 / SPARTAN CARBON 1 / SPARTAN 1.2 / SPARTAN CARBON 1.2 Service: MKT Date: 2020/01/15 Version : V16 SHARK in-house after-sales only. Remplacement seulement par le SAV SHARK. SHARK in-house after-sales or distributor/dealer operation (some technical skills are required). Réparation par SAV ou par distributeur/dealer selon son niveau.

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Shark Spartan GT Carbon Tracker DBR SPARTAN GT, zbrusu nová integrální přilba z kompozitních vláken, obsahuje nejnovější inovace a odborné znalosti společnosti SHARK v průběhu let. Kombinace vláknitých a uhlíkových vrstev, spojená s Multi-Density EPS, nabízí nejvyšší úroveň ochrany Skořepina materiál - vícesměrná kompozitová dlouhá vlákna + Carbondvě velikosti skořepiny (XS-M, L-XXL)velikosti XS, S, M, L, XL, XXLhmotnost velikosti M The Spartan is Shark's aggressive streetbike full face helmet that comes in both fiberglass and fiberglass/carbon versions. The Spartan comes in two flavors - there's a light weight carbon fiber version and a slightly heavier fiberglass version of the helmet, both aimed at your typical streetbike rider Spartan Carbon - Priona, Kitari, Silicium, Replica Guintoli, Carbon Skin - Shark bukósisak - Fokt Motor Onlin

Shark Spartan Carbon - Kitari. Shark Spartan Carbon. A classy and elegant Shark helmet. Like the Race-R PRO, this model was developed using CFD (in simulating computational fluids). Its design has been entirely dictated by the desired functionalities: each line of the helmet is assigned a precise function, and its location on the shell is. Inzerát č. 126859921: Shark Spartan Carbon XL + Sharktooth, Cena: 6 900 Kč, Lokalita: Mladá Bolesla

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PŘILBY SHARK, Profi-moto Děčín. Při zakoupení přilby Shark modelové řady Spartan Carbon, Evo-One 2 nebo Race-R Pro/Carbon můžete využít zvýhodněné cenové nabídky interkomu za 990,-Kč ESTA PANTALLA SHARK DE REGALO CON TU COMPRA. Casco integral SPARTAN CARBON de SHARK. Fabricado en fibra de carbono y fibra de vidrio. Muy ligero y aerodinámico. Doble alerón con extractores de aire integrados. Tejidos interiores de fibra natural de bambú, antibacteriano, hipoalergénico y antisudoración. Tejido interior desmontable y lavable Sportovně-cestovní motocyklová přilba s integrovanou sluneční clonou Shark SPARTAN CARBON 1.2. Nová generace carbonové přilby se sluneční clonou a nejnižší hmotností - 1290g!!(vel.M) Shop for SHARK Spartan Carbon red Full Face Helmet. Starting from £239.99. Choose from 13 options and Find the best price for SHARK Spartan Carbon red from 19 offers. Best Prices Best Products Best Shops Best Reviews Price Alerts Price Trends on idealo.co.u Pinlock pro helmy SHARK SPARTAN, SPARTAN CARBON, SKWAL 2, D-SKWAL . 559 Kč 462 Kč bez DPH 559 Kč 462 Kč bez DPH ks. Přidat do košíku Plexi pro helmy SHARK SPARTAN, SKWAL, D-SKWAL, čiré . 889 Kč 735 Kč.

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  1. Integrální přilba SHARK SPARTAN Carbon Daksha, DBW Materiál carbon-kevlarová vlákna Hledí tl.2,2mm, nemlžící folie Pinlock MaxVisio
  2. Helma SHARK SPARTAN GT CARBON SHESTTER DRA od SHARK z kategorie Moto oblečení (Helmy) koupíte v e-shopu DarkBiker.c
  3. Prilba SHARK SPARTAN Carbon skin DRR Kód: 2016 SHARK 043_L 2016 SHARK 043_S 2016 SHARK 043_XL 2016 SHARK 043_XS 2016 SHARK 043_XXL 2016 SHARK 043_M Zvoľte variant. € 359 € 299,17 bez DPH Na otázku.
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